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Advantages and Benefits of an Irish Company Formation

Find out about the advantages and operating framework of Irish companies

Following Brexit, Ireland remains among the best countries in the world to do business for many reasons, not least because we are English speaking and a member of the Eurozone and EU.

In the coming weeks and months there will likely be very many companies wishing to obtain, remain or begin a business in Europe. We would like to remind you that we, at Kyletelogue, can assist your clients in this matter.

Ireland has an excellent image as a reputable corporate domicile. Irish registered companies are an attractive proposition to foreign investors for international tax planning purposes.

Irish company formation should be given serious consideration for foreign business people seeking a more tax efficient corporate tax base. 

Many international corporations have consolidated their global interests under a single Irish holding company, taking into consideration the benefits of Irish company formation and relocating to Ireland. 

In May 2009, US president Barack Obama declared his intention to clamp down on the channelling of US company profits through registered offices overseas and to dampen corporate enthusiasm for outsourcing jobs to foreign countries.

Since then there has been a noticeable increase in Irish company formation applications as a number of notable firms have moved their place of incorporation from countries identified by the US as tax havens, such as Bermuda, to Ireland.

Irish limited companies are attractive as holding company locations for foreign investors, particularly where it is combined with a trading activity such as headquarter activities, treasury or research & development

Currently, US held profits held overseas are supposed to be taxed at a rate of 35%. Many companies can avoid this though the defered taxation mechanism on active income that is not brought into the US

Ireland is hailed as having a “sophisticated” and “well developed” legal and regulatory environment, key factors in many corporations decisions to relocate business here in the best interests of their shareholders.

Company incorporation in Ireland can provide economic benefits and help ensure global competitiveness.

As a member state of the European Union, Ireland offers a sophisticated, well-developed corporate, legal and regulatory environment.  Ireland is also noted as a hub of international investment and long-established commercial relationships, trade agreements and tax treaties with European Union member states, the United States and other countries around the world. In addition, company incorporation in Ireland offers a stable political and economic environment and has the financial and legal infrastructure to meet client needs.

Your Reasons to set up an Irish Limited Company

  • Low Irish corporate tax rate of 12.5%
  • Limited Liability for Irish limited company
  • Greater ability to raise finance by the issue of shares and also under the Business Expansion Scheme
  • Ownership of the enterprise can be spread over a greater number of people
  • There may be a greater degree of business credibility of trading through an Irish limited company

Further benefits and advantages for setting up an Irish Limited Company

  • Over 1,000 multnationals with their head offices located in Ireland
  • Free access to European EU markets
  • Young workforce with a high percentage of graduates
  • Ireland is the only English speaking member state in the EU Eurozone  (Ireland is a participating member of the Economic and Monetary Union and has the Euro as its currency)

Property Investmemt

Irish registered companies can offer advantages to international investors in Irish and non-Irish real estate.

Stamp duty on the acquisition of real estate in Ireland has fallen from 9% to 2% in respect of commercial (nonresidential property), and 1% in respect of residential property.

Research & Development

Advantages include a highly skilled and educated workforce, strong technical infrastructure, significant grant incentives from domestic and EU funds and an R&D tax credit regime.

There are two types of grants which are available:

1. Feasibility and training support of up to €250,000 for eligible companies

2. Research & Development project  support,  providing support to companies at all stages of Research & Development 

Funds Industry

  • Forbes ranked Ireland as 'Best country for business' in 2013

  • As an EU Member State, Ireland benefits from EU Financial Services Regulation, qualifying as a domicile state for Investment Services

  • Ireland is an OECD Member State
  • Tax Exempt Fund Vehicles

  • Highly developed tax treaty network

  • Ireland’s network of double tax treaties

  • The Irish Stock Exchange is an internationally recognised, regulated exchange

  • Ireland has an approachable regulatory environment with practical regulation·   I   

  • Daily flights to the US and EU cities from Ireland

We can offer:

  • Bank account opening for the Irish company, without the need for the directors or beneficial owners to present themselves (full and complete due diligence required)
  • Tax registration
  • 15 hour a day availability, 7 days a week for any query you may have.  Please call 00353860704812 (anytime) or 00353429374572 (office hours)
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