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Our range of company formation, company secretarial and company administration services

Services extend beyond full Irish company formation and secretarial services. Our focus is on quality and providing clients with a rigorous approach, to ensure timeliness and excellence in all compliance and legal matters with regard to Irish limited companies.

As well as the company formation service, our aim is to provide our clients with a complete range of company legal, secretarial , tax and accountancy services, offering help and advice on the relevant filing and other obligations for Irish limited companies whilst also helping you to meet your own client requirements in an efficient and timely manner.

The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) allows a non-EEA national with an innovative business idea and minimum funding of €50,000 to come and set up a business in Ireland. The aim of the Programm [...]
Singapore is a home for business. Its strategic location, pro-business environment, and the available professional workforce in Singapore are parts of the reasons why it remains an ideal place for [...]
The Portuguese Non-Habitual Resident tax regime regime grants a new resident of Portugal a 10-year tax exemption on most non-Portugal-sourced types of income, whether or not they are effectively [...]
Irish Limited Partnerships
Unlike an Irish Limited Company, An Irish Limited Partnership must have two people or corporate bodies. It does not have a separate legal entity. The Partners enter into contracts (not the Company) T [...]
Certificate of Incumbency - Ireland Company Formation
Your new Irish company formation may wish to open a bank account outside of Ireland. In this case, A Certificate of Incumbency is required. A Certificate of Incumbency is a document that confirms the [...]
Gibraltar Offshore Company
·         A minimum of one Shareholder and one Director is required. They may be of any nationality and must not be resident in Gibraltar ·         All Gibraltar companies must appoint a resident [...]
Luxembourg Company Formation
LUXEMBOURG BUSINESS SERVICES OVERVIEW Kyletelogue offers company formation services for companies in Luxembourg. The are a number of advantages for clients seeking to establish a Luxembourg company f [...]
Offshore Company Formation Cyprus
Company Incorporation Cyprus is an attractive option, as the island has double-taxation treaties with over 30 other countries, including most of the high-tax countries in Western Europe, and many sta [...]
Scottish Limited Partnerships
A Scottish limited partnership (SLP) can be used in for purposes such as private equity and property investment fund structures. It is an attractive vehicle for fund managers, promoters and investors [...]
Northern Ireland Company Formation
Kyletelogue Cosec Services can help you register a Northern Ireland limited company.  Corporate tax rates are currently the same as the UK, though this is under review. The Companies Registry Northe [...]
Web design & Digital Marketing for your Irish registered company
Our partners ar Artiarc Limited can assist you in designing a website for you [...]
Double-Irish Benefit of Irish Company
Irish Registered Non-Resident Companies and the ‘Double-Irish’ An Irish registered non-resident (IRNR) company is one which is incorporated in Ireland but is not resident here for tax purposes. This [...]
Ireland Offshore Company Formation
OFFSHORE COMPANY FORMATION We offer advice on establishing corporations in a multitude of jurisdictions, including Anguilla Belize BVI Dominica Gibraltar Nevis Panama Seychelles U [...]
Irish Company Formation
Ireland has a solid reputation as a quality corporate domicile, making the use of Irish registered companies very attractive for international tax planning purposes.   Ireland's tax policy encourages [...]
Irish Bank account for limited company formation
Irish Bank Account Application As Ireland is a full member of the European Union (EU), banking regulations for both resident and non-resident EU citizens are identical, so that even non-resident EU c [...]
Irish Company Incorporation Tax Registration
We can assist your new Irish Company Incorporation to register for: 1.    Corporation Tax2.    VAT We can also apply to the government department for your Irish Company directors and shareholders to [...]
Notarisation and Apostile
If you are going to use Irish documents or documents from an Irish company incorporation overseas, for business or personal reasons, you may be asked to have your documents Authenticated\Apostilled b [...]
Irish Company Formation Share Transfer
Each company with a share capital has an authorised share capital amount which is stated in the memorandum of the company. Therefore any increase or reduction in this figure involves a change to the [...]
Irish Company Formation Share Allotment
Shares can be acquired either directly from the company itself (share allotment) or from an existing shareholder (share transfer). When shares are created they are 'allotted' or 'issued' to those peo [...]
Charitable Status Applications
Companies apply to the Revenue Commissioners be recognised as a charity in order to apply for exemption from particular taxes, generally for fundraising or purposes of a charitable nature. We can ass [...]
Change of Company Details
Memorandum & Articles of Association are the company’s constitutional documents and are amended to reflect the agenda of the company. The provisions contained in the Memorandum of Association pre [...]
Irish Holding Companies - Incorporation and management of
Ireland is an attractive jurisdiction for holding companies, given Ireland’s foreign tax credit system and dividend payment rules Ireland has in recent years become a destination of choice for holdin [...]
Trade Name Registration
TRADE NAME REGISTRATION COSTS €50 Registration of a business name is obligatory if any individual or partnership (whether composed of individuals or bodies corporate or any combination of both) or an [...]
Change of Irish Company Name
If your preferred company name is available, we will prepare the paperwork, liase with the CRO and furnish your new companies Change of Name Certificate and Memorandum and Articles of Association for [...]
Shareholder Agreement for an Irish Company
Share purchase agreements/ Shareholder agreements can be used in any instance in which one person or entity sells shares to another. A share purchase agreement or shareholders agreement is a legal co [...]
Company Liquidation
A company can be dissolved either through Liquidation or through Strike-off  STRIKE OFF - €400 Your company can request voluntary strike-off provided: The company has ceased trading/has never traded  [...]
Company Restoration
Many companies are struck off the Register of Companies due to the non-filing of Annual Returns. If your company has not been struck off a period NOT exceeding exceeding 12 months, we can restore it [...]
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