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Luxembourg Company Formation

Establishing a company in Luxembourg
Luxembourg Company Formation


Kyletelogue offers company formation services for companies in Luxembourg.

The are a number of advantages for clients seeking to establish a Luxembourg company for international tax planning.

Luxembourg  has an open economic policy promoting international trade at the heart of the European Community and provides easy access to some of Europe’s largest financial and industrial centres, such as Paris, Frankfurt, Köln, Amsterdam, Brussels and Strasbourg.

There are six types of companies in Luxembourg

Société en Nom Collectif (SENC)

This Luxembourg company is considered to be a partnership, which may be formed by two or more persons all of whom are personally, jointly and indefinitely liable for the partnership’s debts. In principle, shares of an SENC are not normally transferable unless provided for in the articles of association

Société en Commandite Simple (SECS) or limited partnership

which is formed by one or more partners (the “general partners”) who are jointly and indefinitely liable for the partnership’s debts and by one or more “limited partners” whose liability, is limited to their contribution.

Both SENC and SECS are not subject to tax in their own name, but to personal income tax which is payable by the partners to the extent of their share in the partnership’s income.

Société Anonyme (SA)

This Luxembourg company is considered to be the equivalent of the public limited company in Ireland  whose members are liable only to the extent of their contribution in the company’s capital.

Société à Responsabilité Limitée (SARL) or the private limited liability company

Société en Commandite par Actions (SCA) or the partnership limited by shares

The SCA is comparable to the limited partnership (SECS), the only difference being that the limited partners’ shares are freely transferable.

Société Coopérative (SC) or the cooperative company


Members’ responsibility may be limited by the statutes of the company to a certain amount. Shares of an SC are not transferable to third parties.

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